Phase 1: Relief Care

Pain Relief in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phase 1: Pain Relief Care - Fort Lauderdale | PowerSource Chiropractic - chiropractic-back-painPain Isn't Fun!

Most people first enter our office with complaints of pain in their low back, neck, upper back, shoulders, legs, arms, headaches, etc. Our priority during your initial visits is to get you out of pain. While certain chiropractic offices focus only on the stages of health that come AFTER pain relief, we realize that most people are only concerned with feeling the pain go away in the beginning.

Part of the reason PowerSource Chiropractic utilizes the treatment options that we do is because they are proven to be the most reliable and safest methods to help relieve initial pain symptoms. While we can't predict if you will need one visit or a series of visits to alleviate your pain, you can trust that our focus is in line with your focus during the beginning of your care: PAIN RELIEF!

If you are coming in for treatment related to a car or auto accident, you may have injuries that require very specialized treatment in the beginning. As you transition out of the acute phase of care, we will carefully add and/or delete other treatment to bring you gently into corrective care.

Trust PowerSource Chiropractic for all of your pain relief needs. Call us today at (954) 320-0789 to learn more about our services!