Dr. Rafael Sierra - Clinical Director

Meet Dr. Rafael Sierra - Clinical Director | PowerSource Chiropractic - DrDr. Rafael E. Sierra was born in Puerto Rico, where he lived most of his life. He went to the University of Puerto Rico and graduated with a major in pedagogy and minors in foreign languages and biology. He also served on mission trips to China, Korea, and participated in many events doing charity work in the Island of Puerto Rico.

A little later he got certified as a personal trainer and volunteered to train and educate an elderly group on fall prevention. Then he moved to Marietta GA, to pursue his passion, graduating from Life University with his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. During that time he served in the Full Spine Club helping new students to improve their chiropractic technic and skills. Being a chiropractor, Dr. Rafael is able to combine what he likes the most: to educate and to serve.


Educational Links

University of Puerto Rico - Rio Pedras
University of Puerto Rico - Arecibo
The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico
Free Music School of Arecibo