Chiropractic Testimonials

"These guys are effective, professional, friendly, and affordable! I would definitely recommend them. Under PowerSource care, I have decreased pain, improved mobility, improved sleep, and athletic performance.

I also believe in the corrective care philosophy practiced where you can see correction over time demonstrated by various professional testing methods. These guys care more about results and relationships to understand patients than a revolving door like others I've experienced."

- P. Chase

"Very professional, clean, and organized! I came in with a car accident-related injury and they have been treating me for a couple of weeks. Relive was almost immediate! Plus they're super friendly and full of energy. They definitely know what they're doing here I highly recommend this place!"

- G. Suarez

"Amazing energy! Outstanding chiro care! Great duo Dr. Jeff and Dr. Rafael!"

- A. Murillo

"The best Chiropractic care, knowledge, experience, and friendly atmosphere. Doesn't get better than PowerSource Chiropractic!"

- C. Medina

"Dr. Rafael Sierra is amazing, I was in so much pain and he took his time to help me. You can tell he really likes his job and he cares about his patients. Thank you!!!"

- M. Montemayor

"While I was on vacation in Florida I was in need of a good chiropractor, so I heard from a friend to check out PowerSource. I decided to give it a chance and what a wonderful experience I had. Dr. Jeff & Rafael were so professional and great at what they do. I felt so much better after my adjustment.

I wanted the total experience so I added a massage and so very glad I did! I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. It made my vacation all the better. I really do recommend you go see them you won't be disappointed. I promise. The office was so clean and the receptionist was so friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you guys so much I'll be back again once I come down to Florida again."

- B. Zakris

"PowerSource is a great place to go, not only is it all smiles as soon as you walk in. It's a very clean environment. Definitely an office that takes pride in the work they do. I personally had some back issues and Dr. Rafael really does help."

- L. Smith

"Dr. Jeff and Dr. Rafael are an awesome team! Best chiropractic office. I first got adjusted to get out of pain but now go to stay feeling great!"

- N. Mariah

"Wow! I wish I’d discovered Dr. Sierra a long time ago! Smooth, and effective adjustments. Dr. Sierra inspires confidence, not to mention healing. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thanks, Doc to you and your amazing team!!"

- V. Vasquez-Aspinall

"While on vacation in FL, traveling over 1500 miles on the back of a motorcycle, I could use an adjustment and a massage regardless!! But 2 days before we were to leave to head back home to MO I fell pretty hard. I receive regular chiropractic care at home and knew I needed to get in somewhere before getting back on the road.

I am so thankful I found PowerSource Chiropractic on Google. Dr. Rafael Sierra was very thorough and informative with everything he did from x-rays to palpation, to adjustment, tens unit, and both massage machines. It was very difficult for me to get up from sitting and walking and by the time I left those things were much easier!! If I were living in that area I would definitely choose Dr. Rafael Sierra for regular chiropractic care and highly recommend him and his office."

- J. Brooks

"Dr. Sierra is impeccable with his work. He truly speaks from the heart through his hands and helps me with everything."

- A.W. Moore

"I still have a ways to go to feel better, but I must say I was very impressed with the service. Dr. Rafael was great."

- A. Cavelier

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